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Bali Climate

Lying just 8 degrees South of the Equator, Bali has a mild and agreeable tropical climate the whole year round. With an average annual temperature of around 28 degrees Celsius ( 82 degrees Fahrenheit ), rich volcanic soil and a healthy monsoon season Bali is also extremely fertile with lush growth over the entire island.

The sunny days within the dry season between April and October are warm and pleasant, While in rainy season tropical showers will alternate with clear skies and sunshine. The climate is fantastic with the temperature only varying a few degrees either side of the average 28 degrees all year round, day and night. It is never too hot and it is never too cold. - Incredible! - Bali truly is an all year round destination.

This Bali climate information is provided by us because we love Bali and wish to promote this wonderful place to others who may be interested. Please take a look at the rest of our web site and come to visit our beautiful Bali villas - The weather is free and we can provide everything else you need for that perfect holiday


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